Suyan Turquoise Dress


Short dress with adjustable straps.


Small/Medium: Chest size 96-98 cms/ Waist size: 85-89 cms/ Large: 90 cms

Medium/large: Chest size 76-78 cms/ Waist size: 76-78 cms/ Large 90-94 cms

Minimum Order: 2 2

Our short turquoise dress Suyan is from our most ethnic collection mixed with our Mediterranean style for the nice turquoise color mixed with gray, which gives rise to very soft shades. Rayon is a light and fresh fabric for summer days and nights.
Handmade by our artisans with natural colors and the traditional tye-dye technique.

Exclusive design by Mia Mare.

Additional Information:

* Two sizes: S/M M/L

* 100% rayon.

* Wash with cold water.

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